Schefflera Plant – Burnt

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Hello!  I have a large Schefflera plant that I’ve had for over 30 years.  I just retrieved it from my parents house (I was living out of the country) where it had grown to over 7 feet of leggy wildness.  I put it on my patio, but it seems that it is burning in the sun.  I was gone over the weekend and watered it very well before leaving, but on my return it looks as if 60% of the leaves are burnt/brown and brittle!  We live in Texas and it has been hot and humid lately.  Is there anything I can do to save this plant?  I thought it would love the outdoor sun and humidity, but maybe the sun is just too intense –


Absolutely, the intensity of the sunlight and the heat are too much for your Schefflera.

Any leaves and stems that are already damaged will not recover, so trim them off and prune the main stems back as much as you can stand. Then, move the plant back inside and keep it close to an uncovered window. Indoor sun is much less intense and not nearly as hot, so new growth should come in looking healthy.