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Schefflera Plant

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This man gave me this large plant, very temperamental now I moved and it likes this one window facing south on the west side of my house, but because it has grown higher and in different angles, the one side doesn’t get any light, and the side besides the window the leaves are turning yellow. I transplanted it once into a bigger pot, when I moved into my new house in Iowa. But now, some of the branches are about 7 ft tall and my house is only 9 ft tall. How can I keep this plant happy, I read that separating it into three plants or more isn’t a great ideal. It has about 23 branches already and the leaves are full.


I believe your plant is a Schefflera. However, there are two varieties that are commonly used indoors and I don’t know which you have.

If you post a photo here or email me a photo that shows the entire plant, including its pot, I will be able to identify the plant and also better understand what the issue is and how I can best help you.

Follow-up Question:

Here is a pictures of it, I love it but it is a feisty plant, very picky. Please help, if I change it again, it will be in a large planter, wide and tall is limited. The one branch is over 7 ft tall and it is still growing except for the leaves that look like they were sun burned.



Your plant is a Schefflera arboricola. It looks healthy enough, but it is badly overgrown because it has never been pruned. Pruning is not at all complicated and it can be done at any time. It will not harm the plant at all. However, it will alter its appearance.

Any stem can be pruned back to any length. Just bear in mind that new growth will emerge on the pruned stem just below where you make the pruning cut. Thus, you control where the new growth comes in as well as the overall size and shape of the plant. Use sharp pruners and just start cutting as many stems as far back as you can stand. The hardest part is getting yourself to just do it!

If you keep it well pruned it will never need a larger pot.

Be sure to rotate the pot so that all sides get equal exposure to the window light. Yellowed leaves can be trimmed off.