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I normally have a pretty green thumb, but I believe I have killed my Schefflera.  I did a lot of research when I saw it was not thriving, but I guess I didn’t catch it in time.  This was my first one, from my brother’s funeral in September 2015.  Most of my plants live outside and they all thrive, I have roses blooming even now…  I do start seeds indoors, but move them out into the sunlight when they start to sprout.  My Question: is ~ I would like to have houseplants that help clean/make the air fresher, but I have two things working against me.  One, I have my son’s cat.  Two, I have blackout/tinted screens.  When I put the Schefflera against my window, in my bedroom, where the cat is not allowed, it still did not get enough sunlight.  I love plants, and I would love to have some in the house.  Do you have any recommendations on what plants will work well in my house?


For indoor plants, light is the most critical factor. If a plant does not receive adequate light, then nothing else you or I do matters. Most blackout screens that I am familiar with block out the critical portion of the light spectrum that plants require to live. You didn’t provide any detail, but that may be why your Schefflera did not make it.

Below is a list of the plants do best in low light, but I doubt that you have enough light even for these plants. Perhaps you can raise your blackout screen or invest in a grow light.

Dracaena ‘Janet Craig’

Dracaena ‘Lisa’

ZZ Plant

Corn Plant

Peace Lily


Chinese evergreen

Parlor Palm

Snake Plant