Sick Rubber Tree

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The leaves on my rubber tree plant started to lose its color, turn golden and then it fell off. Why? What can I do to prevent it from dying.


A limited amount of lower leaf discoloration and drop is normal. However, if your Rubber Tree is losing more older leaves that it it is adding new ones on top, then there is a problem. The most common causes of excessive leaf drop are inadequate light, improper watering and unnecessary repotting.

Rubber Trees must be located within a few feet of a window that is completely uncovered throughout the daylight hours. If you have yours in a corner or across the room from the window, then that explains the leaf drop.

When properly potted, Rubber Trees should be watered as soon as the top half-inch of soil feels dry.

If you repotted your tree, that was a mistake and may be the cause of its problems. Rubber Trees like to be kept quite potbound. If you repotted, you may have damaged some of the roots and root hairs and you probably used a pot that is too big. A repotted plant is very easy to inadvertently over water. If you repotted in the past several months, then undo the repotting and move it back to the original or same-sized pot.