Strange Growths in the Potting Soil

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I have 3 strange furry pale-lime-colored pods growing in the same pot as my Philodendron which I transplanted from the water bottle that I rooted it in 15 days ago. They are 2cm high and though they are all growing together, 2 are conjoined with one next to them. They look like they are definitely growing up from the soil on stems that are level with the soil line. Please take into consideration, 1)when I potted this plant from the bottle, I saw nothing unusual; 2)I do have several succulent furry plants; 3)I am not sure what type of plant I potted and am guessing that it is a philodendron (included in the photo); 4)we have a lot of stink bugs and some spiders here. I am really frightened that these may be some types of eggs hatching. Thank you for any help you can give me.


Those are mushrooms, a type of fungus that grows in damp, non-sterile soil. They are harmless to you (unless eaten) and to the plant. They can be pulled out of the soil. Be sure to get the roots in the soil as well. You may see more of these emerge because there may be additional spores in the soil that you used.

Allowing the top half inch of soil to dry between waterings and providing lots of warmth, air circulation and bright indirect light will all work to counter more of this fungi growth. As an alternative, you can carefully take the rooted Pothos (not Philodendron) cutting out of the pot and discard the potting soil you used. Then,  repot it into a smaller pot using a peat-based, soil-less potting mix.