Very Tall Dracaena Sanderiana (Lucky Bamboo)

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I’ve been searching around for how to trim down my lucky bamboo plant. It has been in its original water container (which now looks too small) for about 4 years and is doing nicely except for brown tips. I keep it on the counter in the bathroom. How can I trim it down and will I be able to save the stalks to grow new? Your help will be much appreciated. Attaching a picture.


You have done very well with your Lucky Bamboo. Most do not maintain their healthy green color for as long as 4 years. So don’t relocate it or repot it or otherwise change anything other than its height.

Lucky Bamboo stems are themselves cuttings of Dracaena sanderiana that are rooted in water. Thus, you can prune back these stems to a height of your choice and new stem growth will emerge from a point on each stem just below the pruning cuts, and grow upward from there. The pruned off cuttings can also be rooted in water – even in the base of the existing plant, if you choose.

When deciding how much to prune back, consider how tall you would like it to be and then prune a bit lower than that in anticipation of it soon growing taller again. I would suggest pruning back the top third.

Brown leaf tips are common. They will not re-green, so aesthetically it is good to trim off the tips at a sharp angle so they don’t look trimmed.