Temperature for Corn Plant

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The dracaena massangeana cane  my grandma calls it a corn plant well it was her mother then hers now passed to me I need to know how to care for it and what temp I can put it outside as I live in Ohio would love to let it get a little sun on my back porch which is covered so will not be indirect sun light but not sure what temps it can handle please help thank you so much


Corn Plants grow in deep shade in their tropical forest native habitats. Consequently, they don’t tolerate any direct sun at all when outside. If you move yours outside, it must be in deep shade all day long. Outside, it also needs protection from wind and heavy rain. It is a top heavy plant that should NOT be repotted so it will topple over easily in wind.

Temperatures must be above 50 degrees F. at all times, so pay close attention to night time temps.

Water it thoroughly when the top quarter of the soil feels dry.

Corn Plants are very well suited for use indoors because they do not require a lot of light. I recommend placing it within 5-6 feet on an uncovered indoor window and leaving it there year round. That is a good location for it and any benefits from being outside in summer are minimal at best. Keeping it inside will also mean that you are not forcing it to adapt to a change in environment twice each year.