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Too Tall Schefflera

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We have a relatively healthy single trunk Schefflera that has grown to 9 feet. Some leaves at the bottom are beginning to turn brown and fall off while the top seems very healthy with new growth. It sits on an outdoor covered porch except when it gets very cold (Coastal SC). Can the plant be trimmed to 4 or 5 feet in height and develop new growth at that level?


The short Answer: is yes, it can be pruned back to your preferred height and it will generate now growth at that point and grow upward from there. The top section, cut back to a length of 2-3 feet or less can be propagated at the base of the plant or in its own small pot.

It is quite normal for indoor plants to lose older, lower leaves as they add new growth on top. Regular pruning is the only solution for controlling excessive height and lower leaf loss.