White Bird Of Paradise Leaves Turning Brown

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I’ve owned this bird of paradise for a few months now. I bought it prepotted in a well drained pot from The Home Depot. I live in Southern California and the plant stays on my patio. It is getting plenty of morning sun and is shaded in the hot afternoon. I do not see any pests, but it looks like something is eating the leaves. Help!!


That looks like normal leaf cracking and splitting that occurs with White Birds. The leaves split easily because otherwise their broad leaves become wind foils and might cause the plant to uproot and topple over. When kept indoors, this is much less likely to occur.

Any leaves that look unsightly can be pruned or trimmed off without harm to the rest of the plant.

Be sure to keep the soil good and moist when you have it outside in warm temperatures, bight light and good air circulation, all of which have a drying effect. Excessive drying can also cause leaf splitting and cracking.