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Yucca Plant

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I have had Yucca plants before, then i moved and they died  “husband didn’t water ” LOL.  I bought another Yucca but it has no cane just the plant growing out the top straight up ? How do I get the cane to grow? I got it at the end of summer last year with brown leaves dry from wallmart. It survived go and green one time a month. I put it in the shower water it real good  after an hour I put it back in the living room  I paid $3.00 for it and it’s doing good but no cane and I love the cane. How do I make cane grow?


Here is how the cane forms of Yuccas and Corn Plants are grown. Very large and tall (up to 20 feet) trees growing in the tropical rainforests are cut down and their trunks are cut into sections. These selections are the canes and are subsequently rooted in pots. After the roots form, then the foliage “heads” emerge from the top and they are sold in that form. In other words, you cannot grow a cane yourself.

Your Yucca is a top stem cutting that has been rooted directly in the soil. It will gradually grow taller, but it will never develop the thick cane that you want. To get a Yucca cane, you have to buy a Yucca cane.