Yucca Plant

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I have what I think is a yucca house plant. However, there appears to be several varieties of yucca plants and I don’t know what type I have. A brief description is the plant has a typical yucca leaf, long, narrow, and dark green.  There are three large, round, smooth, stalks, 2.5 inches in diameter that are 1 foot in length. From these main stalks grow a yellow, spiky, 10-12 inch stems.  From the tops of these yellow stems grow the large, long, green leaves. New leaves come on as “rolled up needles”. The problem is the yellow stalks grow straight up for awhile then at the base of the green leaves, the yellow stalk bends over and the leaves either die or grow downward. The plant is in a sun room and receives abundant sun.  What am I doing wrong.


Your Yucca is called a Yucca Cane. Cane refers to the thick canes or stems that grow out of the soil.

If the stems that grow out of the top of the canes are shriveling or bending, then that means either it is not getting adequate light or, more likely, the roots are dying. Squeeze the base of the canes and if the bark covering feels loose and papery, then that is a sure sign that cane is dead and will not recover.

Yuccas must be kept right in front of an uncovered sunny window where they can get several hours of direct sunlight each day. If it is more than 5-6 feet away from the nearest window, it is not getting enough light.

Yuccas also need soil that dries out regularly. If you repotted, then there is very good chance you are keeping the roots too wet. Otherwise, you have to allow the top quarter of the soil to get very dry before watering. Add just enough water so that the soil reaches that level of dryness again within 7-10 days.